INCENTIVE-Based Education / Teaching

A society without education is doomed to fail, and yet that is what we are presently creating. We need a tough system that rewards dedicated educators while holding accountable those that fail to meet reasonable standards.

HEAL Socioeconomic Divisiveness

Our society is being torn apart by inflammatory rhetoric and partisanship. While most politicians are content in simply throwing salt on people’s wounds, by engaging in constructive dialogue, we can actually heal these wounds.


Small businesses are the life blood of our society and communities. Currently there is discriminatory and unconstitutional taxation that must be fixed to level the playing field.

TRANSPORTATION Infrastructure and MTA Improvement:

One of the few things most New Yorkers can agree on is that the MTA’s service is absolutely unacceptable. Barring exceptional circumstances, there is simply no reason that trains should not run on time. In addition to the massive inefficiency of a bloated bureaucracy, there is a tremendous economic cost of lost productivity caused by unnecessary delays.

QUALITY OF LIFE Deterioration

Anyone who has spent time around the streets of New York and many other parts of the country can attest to the many public nuisances that many have resigned themselves to accepting. Examples include a horrific amount of noise pollution and a lack of care for the homeless, mentally ill, and drug dependent. The inefficiency of public services combined with public indifference have created an atmosphere conducive to high crime and long police response times.


Our Constitutional rights are under unprecedented attack. The NYPD’s restrictions on firearm ownership deserve a federal challenge and I will proudly stand up for the right of responsible law-abiding citizens to own firearms. However, we need uniform laws throughout the United States so that no state is corrupted by the reckless acquisition of firearms elsewhere. Regardless of whatever laws are passed, bad people will always find a way to get firearms and as a result, the safety of good people is at stake. We need a national referendum and possibly an update to the Second Amendment to take into account that these laws were written when a musket took at least 20-30 seconds to reload and had a range of 25 years. Sadly, freedom of speech and freedom of religious expression have also come under attack and many people are clearly in need of a reminder of how many lives have been proudly given for these principles.

REDUCE Bureaucratic Administration and Overhaul

New York City is awash in ineffective and inefficient bureaucracy. NYCHA has created a network of slums that diminish prospects for success of those that grow up in their properties. Public housing should exist to empower people, not marginalize them and this must be urgently addressed. Furthermore, Rikers Island should stay open and be cleaned up, not replaced with expensive and overly-extravagant alternatives. It’s crazy to be talking about building more jails while the Administration for Children’s Services is in such disarray.

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