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  1. Congratulations on taking on the enormous task of reaching out to the more than 700,000 Americans in your district, to send you to Washington to set our country back onto the Constitutional Track. Please join our nonpartisan team of candidates determined to restore our founding principles, beginning with: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” By working together as a united team of Liberty-loving Americans, we can all win, and it won’t cost you an extra dime!

    The Progressive Ruling Class, and their cronies in the media, are planning to buy all available elections – with taxpayer dollars! Thanks to the incredible work of Prager University, every American can now learn –in about five minutes- that which the Media has refused to inform us: How public employee unions are destroying our country from within, and massively ripping off the American taxpayer.

    A quick visit to Prager University to observe “Public Union: Public Enemy” reveals how we can restore government “of the people, by the people, and for the people” – by speaking out. It turns out that President John F. Kennedy, with Executive Order 10988, transferred HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS ANNUALLY to public employee unions! Just follow the money!

    Every American can join the team to take back our government by helping fill ALL 470 seats, now up for election in Congress, with “Certified Constitutional Candidates” – the first in each race committed to give us back our children, our liberty, our money and our rights! We can all pass on the torch of liberty all across the USA, and usher in a new era of domestic tranquility, prosperity, liberty and justice.
    The overwhelming majority of Americans, of all political affiliations, prefer liberty and justice – especially a good, quality education for their children – an education that we can offer them for hundreds of billions less than now! All that is needed to restore law and order is a persistent clarion call for the American People to do all we can to fill all 470 seats now up for election in Congress, with “Certified Constitutional Candidates.” By joining this team you will become partners with our Founding Fathers, and help reestablish our Constitution back onto its eternal foundation, the Declaration of Independence.

  2. Dorian Emmanuel Montalvo October 4, 2018 — 12:47 pm

    Hello Mr. Rabin. I am a democrat voter who is tired of my party trampling on my gun rights. I would like to know what you would do to support and protect the 2nd amendment freedoms of Americans everywhere if elected to Congress. In November I will cast a vote for the candidate with the best response to this question.

  3. Hello Mr. Rabin, we would like to send you a Letter of Endorsement but will need an official campaign address which I do not see here. Please contact the National Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Coalition at Thank you.

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