September 6th, 2018

Hi I am Eliot Rabin from Charleston Town , a vet who served and did not frown ….came to be in the New York world, and decided to give it a whirl..

After designing for major folks,(Oscar D ,Givenchy Emilio Pucci) at Bloomies, went on my own to create my place.opened PE in “77 and 40 years hence, well it sure ain’t heaven…..we have survived in spite of conditions where it’s hard to thrive, thanks to a staff that works the jive…doing business in Manhattan is no joke when dealing with landlords those greedy blokes…there is no more gold on NY streets cause the internet and landlords can’t be beat! the gold on Madison and 3rd is gone leaving so many stores so forlorn! From Ralph to Michael they can’t compete so now you have empty streets…a tax imposed to 96 street quite negative to say the least..discriminatory and unconstitutional and anti Business at its the worst has caused the a crisis that really hurts .

  • So I am running to fix it all in spite of scaffolding, garbage, traffic and homeless all .. great leadership will win out while encouraging our citizens to help us out…with participating citizens creating new input we will make this city a shining light… with clean and well lit streets, and parks and playgrounds for a super treat..

Affordable housing and good jobs, new technology schools will create the beat…with the NYC domestic corp and the YRC move it all. And the work regulations which hurt us all by taking away the initiative from us all …so let us all unite in this fight to create a new city of light…

Let us all create for this diverse whole and dare our leaders to be bold. YA MON

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