Once again, the divisiveness in our wonderful country has raised its ugly head… The current shooting in the Jewish temple in Pittsburgh, ironically named the TREE OF LIFE, reflects the universal disease of antisemitism and racism. Lives have been cut short in a house of God by a villainous cretin whom some call human. Local law enforcement and the FBI deserve praise for their efficiency and the swift arrest of the suspect.

From the mass school shootings, to the Charleston church massacre, to the late bomb scare, and to all those with guns who have killed their families and sometimes themselves; is this what the Second Amendment intended? I don’t think so… As a US Army veteran (Captain) and gun owner, I abhor the insane lack of a common sense gun policy that should be made uniform throughout our country. Yes, bad folks will still get guns; but it can be made more difficult. I believe in restrictions on AR-15s and weapons of that ilk; a ban on high-capacity magazines and bump stocks. We must strictly enforce the existing gun laws. Both manufacturers and owners should be required to have trigger locks on any weapons to prevent kids from accidental harm.

As a candidate for the 12th NY Congressional District, it is imperative that Republicans and Democrats find common ground and emphasize courage, compassion, and communication. Again, with renewed civility and tolerance, we can keep our heterogeneous country united!!!



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