In Response to My Opponent’s Appearance With Terrorist Supporter, Linda Sarsour

October 17, 2018


In response to my opponent’s nonsensical public appearance with Linda Sarsour:

I found it ironic and highly disturbing that Mrs. Maloney, on October 15th, stood next to Linda Sarsour, an avid supporter of Hamas and Louis Farrakhan, both of whom support the destruction of Israel and minimize the Holocaust. This is another example of international anti-Semitism that no one wants to acknowledge publicly.

Mrs. Maloney, tell it like it is!

In 1968, First Lieutenant, Eliot Rabin, US Army, took his personal leave time to volunteer in a kibbutz to assist in the clearing of landmines from the banana fields. He saw first hand the terror inflicted on Israel on a daily basis.

We forcefully demand that my opponent, renounce her affiliation with Linda Sarsour, an admitted opponent of Israel, an enabler of violent Islamic extremism, and a promoter of anti-Semitic and anti-American hate.

In closing, would you prefer to be in bed with those who make the land bloom, or make the land bleed? And aren’t we all tired for young men dying for old mens’ wars?


Eliot J. Rabin

Republican Candidate for the US House of Representatives (NY-12)

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